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Will Uncle Joe be good for South Africa?

Newly installed United States President Joseph Biden is set to spend whatever it takes to prevent the US from descending into a Great Depression in the wake of Covid-19. While this may push US government debt into the stratosphere, in the short term it is bound to be good for the global economy, and for ours, as long as the South African government seizes the opportunity. In the 1st-quarter 2021 issue of Personal Finance magazine, a top financial analyst explores what the Biden presidency means for South African investors.

Also in this issue:

  • If you run a small business, at what point should you register it as a company?

  • Inflation: can we expect a bounce-back?

  • Why retirement funds trounce discretionary investments when it comes to saving for retirement.

  • Does fine wine make a good investment?

… and much more.

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