This year’s winter is slightly different with many people working from home, but there are some who still have to venture out and brave the cold and rainy weather. So, whether you are stuck at home or travelling out every day, you shouldn’t let your guard down. You need to keep warm, boost your immune systems, eat healthily and stay active. This year’s flu season also comes with anxiety and fear because of the similarity of symptoms to Covid-19. Our first issue of Health was put together to help ease anxiety and offer tips to fight colds and flu during this time. You’ll find homemade remedies to keep you warm, a list of pantry must-haves to fight off colds and all you need to know about the flu season during this coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and warm and keep your spirits high. The cold won’t last forever and the sun will shine again. Read, enjoy and share!

Please keep a look out for next month’s edition.