There are a growing number of people dropping meat from their diets and becoming vegetarians or following a plant-based diet. We have increasingly seen a shift in many of our eating habits towards vegetable-led dishes, thanks to how we have explored better ways to cook and prepare vegetables. Gone are mushy, gloopy veggies we used to be force-fed as children. Veggies are now crunchy, fresh or grilled and packed with flavour and nutrients. Whether you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle or just need a break from eating meat, this edition is packed with all the information you need to start embracing more of a plant-based diet. There are some really great recipes in this month’s edition of FOOD that will change how you view vegetables, improve how you cook them and also get your kids to enjoy dishes without knowing that they had veggies. We also give you tips on pairing wines with your favourite veggie dish and naturally, our favourite plant-based desserts. Enjoy!